Friday, 16 September 2011

Assignment 1 sept 16

Commercial Photographer: Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, professionally know as Hiro
Born in shanghai in 1930, is known as a “photographer’s photographer”, having a very distinct vision from his work in fashion and still life. His work has spawned many imitators and is remains a lasting influence today. In 1954, he went to America and briefly went to the school of modern photography in New York. Disliking the school, he went and apprenticed under Lester bookbinder and Reuben Sandburg. at the end of 1956, he went to work under the fashion photographer Richard Avedon. He made a considerable amount of contributions during 1956 and 1975 and ended up being named photographer of the year by the American society of magazine photographers in 1969. One of his most celebrated photos is of a Harry Winston Diamond necklace placed on a bovine hoof. His photos are known for being surreal, and unique, while having a clean and elegant appearance. He uses uncommon lighting, juxtaposition of unexpected elements while incorporating color. in 1982, the trade magazine American photographer had an entire issue dedicated to him.
Artistic Photographer: Astrid Kruse Jensen
Born in 1975 in Denmark, Astrid Kruse Jensen has been known for her work with night photography, utilizing artificial light and darkness to the utmost extreme. Her work has mostly been exhibited in Denmark, with it also being shown abroad. She began her career in photography by enrolling in the school of photography  Aarhus, and in 1998 continued her career by going to Gerrit Reitveld Academy of design in the Netherlands. The last school she attended was in London, in which she took a 2 year course at the Glasgow school of art’s fine art photography department. When someone asked a question relating to her night photography technique, she replied "In recent years, most of my work has been carried out at night. This is due to the fact that, at night, I can manipulate and interpret the surroundings while the photograph is being taken. I can underexpose or over-emphasize certain areas of the picture. Normally I use the light available at the site, and the hyper natural colours are a result of the very long exposure times I can use when I photograph at night. With long exposure times, I also relinquish full control over the light and colours, and I think it is interesting that part of the process is a matter of chance. My work is analogue and the pictures are created without any additional manipulation. The level of detail in even the darkest photographs is the result of the long exposure time.” She is an artist that can utilize the darkness and little light to create the most amazing photos

Monday, 12 September 2011

Assignmet 2 sept 12

                                          Building Revised
                                          Sunlight Revised
                                          Shadow Revised